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The Atomic Brain

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The Atomic Brain

Published 1964
Topics Greed, murder, 1960s

A rich old woman doesn't want anybody else to have her money if she should happen to die. So, she pays a scientist to develop a method of transferring her mind into a younger body. This movie is also known as "Monstrosity".

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Run time 1:04:52
Producer Jack Pollexfen and Dean Dillman Jr.
Audio/Visual mono, black and white
Language English


The Atomic Brain

Directed by Joseph Mascelli

Produced by Jack Pollexfen and Dean Dillman Jr.

Original Screen Play by Vy Russell, Sue Dwiggins and Dean Dillman Jr.

Music Composed & Conducted by Gene Kauer

Edited by Owen C. Gladden

Associate Producers Vy Russell & Sue Dwiggins

Director of Photography....Alfred Taylor
Cameraman..................Ove Sehested
Production Coordinator.....Kemp Niver
Sound......................Charles Night
Dialogue Director..........Bill Ashley
Special Effects............Space Age Rentals
Location Manager...........Lucille Snyder
Special Make Up Effects....Lou Yates
The Characters in this Story are Fictitious
and have No resemblance to Persons Living or Dead.
Code certificate No. 19715

Mrs. March.................Marjorie Eaton
Dr. Frank..................Frank Gerstle
Victor.....................Frank Fowler
Nina.......................Erika Peters
Bea........................Judy Bamber
Anita......................Lisa Lang
and Xerxes the Cat


Reviewer: J/Metro - favoritefavorite - July 25, 2007
Subject: More Mad Science
Dr. Frank is engaged in a series of secret medical experiments in which he transplants a living animal brain into a recently deceased human body. The secret to the process is the Cyclotron, a large glass tank which encircles the corpse in fog and somehow returns it to life. In order to keep a fresh supply of corpses, Dr. Frank has to steal them from local cemeteries and funeral homes, aided by Hans, his animalistic servant with a canine brain and an instinct to kill.

The objective of these experiments is to one day transplant a human brain, ensuring longevity and possibly even immortality. They are funded and housed by Mrs. March, a crotchety old heiress who's not yet ready to give up the ghost, under the condition that when the procedure is perfected she will be given a healthy, young, beautiful body.

Dr. Frank realizes that the corpses he's stealing aren't nearly fresh enough, and so Mrs. March hires three beautiful women to "work" for her, until the time is right. She sizes them up like patrons of a legalized whorehouse and the doctor examines them for any health issues. They all pass muster, and there's just one more experiment to go before the big day.

The living body of one of the girls is implanted with a feline brain, and she becomes a full-fledged catwoman, tracking mice and lapping milk out of a saucer. It's a complete success, and now it's Mrs. March's turn to become the hottie-with-a-body she's so long been waiting for.

But mad science never goes according to plan.

The Atomic Brain is poorly edited, written and acted, but we have to keep in mind the technological limitations of the day and the fact that this is the type of film cranked out in mass quantities at the time. If it were to be made today, nobody would watch it, plain and simple. But it's worth a viewing, if only as a piece plucked out of the retro time capsule of yesteryear.

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